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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please give us a call!

When is a good time to mulch?


For the budget-conscious, it is best to add mulch during the Springtime, between February and March.  However, mulching twice a year will help more with weeds and act as a blanket for your shrubs.  Keep in mind that a one-time, two inch layer of mulch is better than a semi-annual, thin layer to "add color," because mulch breaks down at an approximate rate of one inch per year.

Why is the ground always wet around my house?

Based on your particular setup, it may be advisable to add drainpipe to move water away from the home.  This would include removing the water that is constantly dripping from your AC unit.

What if there is standing water?


The best way to provide a solution would be to visit your property and use a transit to check where the low spots are in your yard.  Then your property would be brought to grade through adding or removing soil so that water can properly drain away from your home.




Are you licensed and insured?


We are fully licensed and insured.  We would be happy to provide you with a
Certificate of Insurance and proof of business license and spraying license.


Can you help me get rid of my weeds?


We are licensed to apply turf chemicals.  Therefore, we can set you up on a weed program, but timing is important.  On the first, scheduled visit, we will apply a treatment to kill any existing weeds.  On follow-up visits, we will provide additional treatment to include pre-emergent chemicals that will reduce or eliminate the number of weeds.


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